Additional Charges: 

* Labor Charges are $65.00 / Hour *


Overage Hours -$35.00 / hour

~The customer gets 8hrs of run-time per day on the machines hour meter. If customer goes over the allotted time, this charge applies. On multi-day rentals, the customer is charged once the alotted hours on the machine have been exceeded.  

    For example, 2 day rental=16hrs run time on the machine. It comes back with 18hrs run time on the hour meter. Customer is charged for 2 additional hours of rental time.($70.00)

~ If customer is unable to return the machine by 4:30pm on the day of the rental, this charge applies. 

    For example, A customer rents a machine for one day. They call and state that they are running late and need to bring back the machine after hours. The machine comes back at 6:30pm. The customer is now charged 2 additional hours of rental time. ($70.00)


Fuel Cost- *Price Varies* - As of 11/9/2021 - $6.50 / Gallon

~ We ask our customers to re-fuel our larger machines once they are done using them. The machine will be full upon the start of the customer's rental. General Rental will fill the machine with fuel once returned if necessary. In doing so, this will result in a fuel charge. 
For example, A customer does not have a diesel can at home so they were unable to fuel machine at the end of their rental. Once the machine got back to General Rental, 7.8 gallons of fuel was added to the machine. At a cost of $6.50/gallon, the total charge to the customer is $53.91.


Cleaning Charge- $50.00 / Hour

~ The machine will be clean when customer picks it up, or when it is dropped off for delivery. We ask our customers to clean our machines when they are done using them. We understand normal dirt acumulation. Excess mud/debris is unacceptable. Failure to clean machine upon return to General Rental, results in a cleaning charge. 
For example, A customer returns a machine after workng in a muddy area. There is mud packed into the sprockets. General Rental employees spend  1 hour cleaning mud off of machine. In doing so a $50.00 cleaning charge is added to customers account. 


Damage Charge- $250.00 Penalty / Replacement Parts / Labor

~ NORMAL wear and tear on machine is covered by General Rental. If a machine comes back with any body panel damage and or any other cosmetic damage, customer is responsible for a $250.00 damage penalty. The customer is also responsible for paying for any replacement parts that have been damaged. A labor charge to repair the machine will also be added.
For example, A customer returns a machine.  As the General Rental employees are doing their inspection they notice a big dent on one of the body pannels. A $250.00 damage charge has been added to the customer's account. One of the hydraulic hoses was also ripped off of the machine. The customer gets charged for the cost of a new hose and 30 min of labor to install on machine. 

Service Calls              

$95.00 per hour (travel time to site + repair time + travel time back to store.